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Anxiety from skin diseases: How to control with Xanax bar

Anxiety from skin diseases: How to control with Xanax bar Anxiety, especially when it’s chronic, can affect your health in many ways. It can cause a lot of skin diseases. Thus, you need to know  How to control with anxiety with Xanax bar Anxiety is a mental health issue, which can

Covid19 vaccine and Tramadol

Covid19 vaccine and Tramadol Covid19  is a new not yet going pandemic situation outbreak which is happening around the world. Gladly, we have the Covid19 vaccine in our medical ult. Well till that time doctors are giving tramadol shots to patients to prevent and control Covid19 vaccine administration. But, prior

What is OCD and how to manage it with Xanax?

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- It is a mental illness that causes unwanted thoughts or obsessions or the compulsion urge to do something repeatedly over and over again. What are the symptoms of OCD? Checking, such as alarm systems, ovens, locks, or light switches Abomination, a fear

Xanax and Anxiety symptoms during covid 19

Xanax and Anxiety symptoms during covid 19. About covid-19 Covid-19 or coronavirus is an infectious pandemic that is a disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus that started in 2019. And it has ruined almost everything including study, work-life, or people’s minds. Therefore, it is important to know Xanax and